1. Throwback Thursday: The Sophisticats | Issue No. 16, July 2006

    Felis catus. Known as the domestic cat, or simply the cat, Ancient Egyptian reverence towards this feline is evident in archaeological records. The Smithsonian reports a cat cemetery in Beni-Hassan keeping 300,000 cat mummies, adding that killing a cat then carried a death sentence. In ancient Rome, cats were associated with goddess Diana, the Queen of the Hunt. Norse mythology depicts Freyja, the goddess of love, beauty and fertility, riding a chariot drawn by cats. In Japan, the maneki neko is a cat symbolizing good fortune.

    Cats slink and gaze with an artful mystique. For our July 2006 cover, we wanted to carry class in a similar manner—stoic, mysterious, silent. Cats are well-bred animals, too, and they can be trusted with jewelry. No cat paws scratching gold and gems in the shoot. In fact, the tandem was purr-fect.